GASTRONOMIE PIZZA: Use “green charcoal” that reduces deforestation

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Madagascar will lose forest cover in less than 10 years, according to estimates by international scientists. This catastrophic pattern is not far from the truth if we refer to the consumption of firewood and charcoal. This is the reason that the company IGP (International Gastronomy Pizza) has reduced the use of wood. The company created the green charcoal  production factory to reduce the cutting of trees that cause deforestation. « Green charcoal has reduced 70% of firewood, » according to IGP founding president Chef Mbinina Arson Randrianaivo. And in addition, green charcoal has reduced our expenses because it is cheaper and more ecological and clean. This innovative technology will soon be available at all points of sale of Pizza Gastronomy, according to Chef Mbinina.

Green charcoal is charcoal produced from biodegradable carbon-rich residues, mainly from agricultural waste and household waste. It comes in the form of briquettes the size of traditional pieces of charcoal while having the certainty of having charcoal throughout the year even in the rainy season.

Forest cover in Madagascar now accounts for only 15% of the national territory with a continuous decline, while 95% of households use charcoal or firewood for cooking. According to the available data, the country consumes around 1.5 million tonnes of charcoal per year. The annual consumption of wood used for cooking, including charcoal, is 17.5 million m3. Until today, Madagascar has not developed any strategy to exploit existing resources including hydroelectricity, green charcoal from reforestation, the production of bio-coal from rice husks … Or, bio technology -charcoal is simple, ecological, artisanal and inexpensive. Today, several rural localities formerly in surplus in fuel wood, encounter enormous difficulties to obtain wood and charcoal, the neighboring forests having already been « consumed ». In the capital, Antananarivo is strongly affected by the global effects of climate change due to global warming.

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